As we approach our 60th year in business, I would like to thank our customers who are the backbone of our success. We are grateful to have many industry-leading customers who are a pleasure to be affiliated with. Furthermore, I would like to thank our vendors and employees whose contributions make our exceptional service and products unparalleled in the industry.

Quality has always been the main focus of our business and we will continue that tradition into the future. In addition to our focus on quality, we are also putting an increasing emphasis on innovation.

Innovation through design and engineering will direct all our development into the next decade and beyond. Professional products will continue to be the cornerstone of our business and innovation in hairs, use, and appearance will drive the development of new products.

Our synthetic hair line has been very successful and we are continuing to further develop this technology. With natural hair cost fluctuations, synthetic hairs have become a great alternative to natural hairs in both use and cost. Synthetic hair allows for better control of costs, quality and consistency.

We look forward to a bright future in the brush business. The next decade will be the age of brushes within the cosmetic industry. Brushes will themselves become a main product line and not just an ancillary product of the main cosmetic line for more and more companies.

Thank you again and we look forward to serving our customers for another 60 years.